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Toda caminhada para o sucesso começa com o primeiro passo, parabéns e bem-vindo à Dekiru Languages, seu parceiro na rota do sucesso

How to start your studies at Dekiru

See below the 6 steps of the process to become our VIP student.

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"1-What types of study books are used?

In the initial lesson , we generally discuss in detail what approach to take to achieve your short and long term study goals. Depending on your requests, we suggest different class structures with a variety of textbooks. Alternatively, we can also take a conversation-based approach. Feel free to let us know your requests at any time.

"2-How can I pay?

We work with the secure electronic payment process with recurring charges, as well as monthly payments to gyms or cell phone bills. After deciding to become our students, a secure link will be sent to you to proceed with payments and enrollments using your debit or credit cards. Bank deposits * (Furikomi) are also accepted, but in this case the student must pay the semester in full

"3-Do you offer any kind of experimental class?"

Yes, we are very happy and proud to offer free evaluation classes and consulting sessions or, if you live in osaka, our test includes soft drinks and snacks. We are a group of professionally trained and experienced teachers and we are fully committed to helping you from the very first lesson.

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"4-Are lessons always taught by the same teachers?"

Yes, unless otherwise requested, the same teachers will be teaching their lessons regularly. If the originally assigned teacher (s) are temporarily unavailable, we will inform you first and, mutually, decide on an alternate time and day to continue with the same teacher. If the teacher is permanently unavailable, we suggest a new teacher so that you can continue at the same time and day.

"5-Are classes usually scheduled on the same day and time every week or can I schedule them for different days and times?"

A Both forms are possible. If you prefer to book classes at different times and days and even at locations, there will also be no problem. However, as our class schedule and the availability of our classrooms change continuously, please let us know your preferred time (s) and date (s) for classes in advance so that we can reschedule us to accommodate your requests.

"6-Can you provide receipts?"

Yes, please tell us what you want us to do with the receipt. Please note that if you make a payment via bank transfer or online credit card or Gennkinnkakitome, they will automatically provide receipts. We can also provide invoices.

"7-In case of cancellation, how to proceed?"

Regarding our cancellation and rescheduling policy, we only offer makeup classes for VIp students one by one. Please note that we ask everyone to let us know at the latest 24 hours before the class starts, so that we can inform the teacher in advance and also save your credit for the class (s). A makeup class will be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient for the student and the teacher, and the saved credit will be transferred to be used in the makeup class * (not available for group classes).

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